Profile: Debby Herbenick, PhD

Debby Herbenick is a sex researcher and educator at Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute, a widely read sex columnist and author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction and Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva. And yet she's most passionate about basking in the mysteries of love. As author of The I Love You More Book, she thinks that if there's one arena worth competing in, it's trying to love one another more until one's heart bursts with joy.

When she's not researching, writing or teaching, Debby loves being outdoors, playing with her dog, dancing in the family room, and collecting photographs of "hearts in the wild" (things like strawberries, snowballs, or clouds that happen to be shaped like hearts). Originally from Florida, she lives and loves with her family and dog in Bloomington, Indiana.

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