Profile: Patricia J. Mosca

Patricia J. Mosca is a surface designer from upstate New York whose work explodes with color. She knows of no other way to live her life! She is the weaver of her own dreams. Her philosophy on her creations is as colorful as the pieces themselves. Patricia remembers when she was given her first box of Crayola crayons with the built-in sharpener. When it did not matter if the cat was purple or the leaves were magenta, all she knew was that she had to use all the crayon colors. Her work is whimsical, inspirational and often functional. She has had the great privilege to be a guest artist in many art galleries, to be published in national magazines, and to participate in charity and community projects. Art collectors from all over the world have purchased her work. She received her certification as a Creativity Coach, under the guidance of Jill Badonsky. One of her BIG DREAMS was seeing the Permission Slips come to book form. To learn more about Patricia and her work, visit her at:

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