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Profile: Allison Strine

By day, Allison is a happy artist whose irrepressible creations have been featured in fancy art magazines, and now - a book! At night she's a not-very-good cook, wife to a right-brained hunk, (or is it the left? You know, the one that's all about math and not really about art?) and the tucker-inner of two perfectly-behaved, well-groomed children. Yeah, right.

LadyBirdLand! is the result of Allison's off-centered view of the world around her. Putting the "full" in full color illustration, her magically delicious collages go straight to the heart. LadyBirds have been transformed into art magnets, prints and soldered pendants for the most discerning of girls, and they can be found in glorious, gifty shops across the USA. For the internet savvy, look for LadyBirds at Learn more about her at!

In the Introduction to her book, Allison attributes the origin of her LadyBirds to the tortured memories of growing up with cruel farting brothers and pillow-fighting sisters, which eventually drove her to explore the healing powers of art. But don't take our word for it... find out for yourself by paying a delightful visit to the rich designs of LadyBirdLand!

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