Marching Bands Are Just Homeless Orchestras
Half-Empty Thoughts, Volume 1

by Tim Siedell, illustrated by Brian Andreas
Published November 2010, ISBN: 9780974551623 (paperback); 9780974551654 (digital)

At some point, I think we've all asked ourselves, "When is the best time to start training a kitten to hold a knife?"

That question-written by Tim Siedell, a.k.a Twitter's badbanana - is one of the expertly crafted one-liners you can find in his new book Marching Bands Are Just Homeless Orchestras: Half-Empty Thoughts Vol 1. It's the funnest/funniest book I've picked up in donkey's years, and it's also pretty and shiny and full of cool illustrations by Brian Andreas. Unless you hate puppies and America, you should give yourself and your minions this tremendous book...

-by Mark Peters
Oxford University Press

Unlike the ever-flowing nature of Facebook and Twitter feeds, Marching Bands Are Just Homeless Orchestras brings Tim's bursts of abbreviated wit, self-effacing observations and social commentary into a traditional book format - and turns them into a keepsake.

And who better than Tim Siedell, an icon himself in online social realms, to present us with a snapshot of a trend toward modern-day shortened writing forms he's been instrumental in propelling.

Punctuated throughout by the whimsical and lyrically expressive line art of Brian Andreas-an apt accompaniment-Marching Bands Are Just Homeless Orchestras is a must-have memento of a cultural era in flux. It also makes a fitting holiday gift for any busy friend or loved one with a throng of online tweeps and peeps.

-by Ed Illig


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80 pages
1st Edition

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