Off The Wall

by Jillian Green DiGiacomo, illustrated by Tierra Jackson
Published Nov. 2011, ISBN: 9781937137984 (hardcover); 9781937137878 (.epub); 9781937137885 (.azw)


The vivid illustrations in Off the Wall combine with lively prose to bring young readers into Delilah's world. Everyone knows what it feels like to be called a name, but Jillian Green DiGiacomo shows how easy it is for names to become part of one's identity. When Delilah was called a monster, she saw herself as a monster, then she acted like a monster, and finally she became one. But, as Delilah shows readers, no matter how others see you, you can ultimately decide who you want to be.

-by Brittany Dowdle
ForeWord Reviews

"Off the Wall" is a bubbly, funny, rainbow-colored illustrated story... and is sure to be a hit among elementary and older children facing confusing questions about self-image and the nature and nurturing of friendships. The mirror-like cover of "Off the Wall" is an eye-catcher and a good clue to the truth at the center of the story.

The Midwest Book Review


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32 pages
1st Edition

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